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Cylidify was founded by individuals with deep technical and business experience driven by a passion for cybersecurity and generally doing "what is right" with the understanding that "right" can be very situational and may mean "right NOW". We leverage our experiences but understand that we must stay current and agile and help our clients do the same against a very dynamic threat landscape. We hold true to the following about security and privacy:

  • Not "one size fits all": it must be tailored and implemented for agility.

  • A journey versus a destination: You must be well prepared, but that includes being ready to respond with urgency to incidents and emerging threats.

  • Earlier is always better:  We strive to integrate and "left-shift" security and privacy in a business or development life cycle. 

  • Must be balanced against features and capabilities: We are cybersecurity and technology experts who will listen to you, learn about your market and business, and help strike your right balance. 

  • Necessary anywhere technology is involved: Spans people, policy, processes, and practices.

  • Confidentiality is critical: While you need general visibility and shared understandings, risks and issues must be keep confidential and compartmentalized even internally (see our terms and policies).  


Cylidify has the expertise to assist regardless of the context — from tactical opinions, guidance, and referrals extending to deeper consulting and services, and into more strategic engagements.     

Our featured blog posts will provide more details including our core tenets, value proposition (Why Cylidify?), and leadership (Technology and Business).

About Cylidify

Experience, integrity, and value...

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