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Core Tenets

At Cylidify, integrity and confidentiality are essential. These traits and the below core tenets are infused into our culture and extend into all client engagements:

Tailored approaches for your organization and businesses. Cybersecurity and privacy needs span businesses and markets — anywhere and anything served by technology. No matter where you reside in that span, we will tailor a plan and pricing that fits your needs and provides you with high fidelity and real value. A typical engagement will be a combination of consulting, services, brokering, and referrals, versus an enterprise or “one-size-fits-all” software and services approach. We will develop an understanding of your business and be your advocate using “off-the-shelf” processes, practices, policies, training, and guidance as a baseline to develop a customized plan and approach for your business. We are transparent in our approach and methodology to give clients "right-sized" solutions. This includes granular, fair, and competitive pricing specific to each engagement.

Confidentiality and integrity. These are important to any cybersecurity business, but something we take very seriously. We have strict containment procedures that we follow and encourage your organization to follow making use of active tenting and “need to know” approaches as necessary. We work for you — all information is confidential and contained as per your direction with us providing recommendations on disclosure (internal or external) if or when that is necessary. We are direct and candid, but always non-judgmental and constructive telling you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear. We believe that knowing and understanding the risks is the right start but can jump to action and remediation when that is necessary.

Experienced at balancing cybersecurity and privacy against capabilities and other factors driving businesses. We have deep architecture and development expertise which allows us to materially contribute to remediation of security issues surfaced anywhere in the SDLC from architecture and design through to production incidents. We feel strongly that knowing sooner is always better and focus on "shifting" security and privacy as early in the the SDLC as is possible and prudent — baked-in versus bolted-on. However, we understand that businesses still must deal with investments that are incident or demand driven, so we are ready to help you with your processes and compliance while practicing agility in responses when necessary. We also understand that zero risk is impossible, but can help you make the difficult compromises including implementing mitigation or “defense-in-depth” via compensating controls giving you time to plan and execute on significant or complex remediation.

Information + Security + Consent = Privacy. We think it really is that simple at the core — this guides our recommendations and implementations.

We help you develop an awareness and understanding of your assets, the threats, and the attack surfaces of your business, then leverage that knowledge to properly focus your cybersecurity and privacy investments.

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