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Why Cylidify?

Our founders and principals bring decades of experience providing cybersecurity across industry standards such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). We have breadth in architecture, design, and development with depth in offensive security, Threat Modeling, and issue remediation and mitigation. This is combined to provide rare experience in highly regulated spaces, IoT, mobile, and public clouds including Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

We have worked within companies and as advisers to develop our core tenets and tailored offerings supporting our commitment to continuous learning keeping pace with the dynamic threat landscape and state of the art in cybersecurity. We can engage tactically starting with an low-cost, baseline assessment of risk/need through more strategic engagements including any of our offerings. We prefer a gradual engagement where we develop an understanding of your business and needs allowing us to you with a tailored, reasonable plan (even if that is more guidance and referrals than consulting and services). There is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to security and privacy.

We are well networked in the cybersecurity space providing us with the means and credibility to meet your need directly or via referrals or brokering. We strongly believe that transparency is crucial for our engagements, but also maintain strict confidentiality in and around the engagements.

We can work tactically or strategically, but it will always align to our core tenets, be tailored, and strike the right balance between policy and practice.

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