2021  Reassess and address, don't let security debt grow unchecked!

Cylidify advocates preparedness coupled with agility and resilience for cybersecurity but 2020 was a big test for us all. For 2021, we are offering promotional, fixed-cost pricing on our baseline assessment which has been recently revised to cover emergent needs:

  • Remote working transition (and continuation)

  • Supply chain and vendor risks

  • Ransomware


If you are a technology business (most are) and do not have a baseline, you need to establish one. If you already have a baseline, Cylidify recommends that you reassess regularly. The drastic changes in the way you do business and the cybersecurity threat landscape over the past year make a reassessment critical. We will tailor our assessment to fit your business and can work from any previous assessment or risk register. As with our full assessments, we can scope the baseline to the business, a division, a solution, or something custom to fit your specific needs.  


All Cylidify engagements start with active listening to develop an understanding of your business and specific needs. Confidentiality is paramount, but we can quickly execute a mutual non-disclosure (NDA) agreement before a consultation to enable a more candid, detailed discussion. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost initial consultation!   

See our Assessment Offering for complete details on our assessment approach and deliverables.  

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