"Zero Procrastination" and "Pause || then Play >" are 2020

Promotions (and offerings) adjusted to the challenges of the global pandemic.

2020 kicked off with one theme then transitioned rapidly to something very different. Cylidify has been adjusting along with everyone else — focusing on maintaining the right balance security and privacy against capability! We've pivoted resources and adjusted our promotions to allow us to support you quickly and tactically as may be required. 

Free Initial consultation (up to 1 hour) with a security subject matter expert (SME) or virtual CISO (vCISO). Cylidify normally offers free initial consultations (up to 30 minutes), but in this case you get a full hour with a consultant and one of our experts to discuss a topic of your choice. And, it really is
free — no high-pressure sales tactics or unsolicited follow-ups.

25% discount on our basic or "introductory" offerings such as baseline assessments or basic training sessions for Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), Threat Modeling, Phishing Awareness, etc. This is a significant savings on offerings that are already designed and tailored to maximize value.

We've created a baseline assessment offering focused on virtual office (remote working) capabilities. You get the assessment with a checklist, best practices, and plan for making these capabilities better and safer for your employees and customers. We can help deploy and implement remote working capabilities and directly test and validate!    


All Cylidify engagements start with active listening to develop an understanding of your business and needs. Confidentiality is part of our "DNA", but we can quickly execute a mutual non-disclosure (NDA) agreement in advance of a consultation to allow for a more candid, detailed discussion. Also, promotions can be combined we can use the free consultation to select and customize an introductory offering.     

Raleigh, NC, USA

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