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Why choose Cylidify?

We have a depth and breadth of expertise and a network to meet your needs. We work through tailored engagements designed to fit your business and markets with transparency and value through fair, granular pricing.

Read our "Why Cylidify?" post and other blog posts to see if we might be the right choice for you.

Do you do business outside of the United States?

Yes. However, we are focused on the US market; our resources and clients are US based. We have non-US experience (e.g. GDPR) and work with US clients doing business globally including in China. Though cybersecurity and privacy are similar on a global scale, most of our work out side the US and Canada is accomplished via consulting on referrals and brokering versus direct services.

Your offerings don't take an end-to-end or "enterprise" approach, why not?

The cybersecurity marketplace is maturing rapidly and there is a lot of consolidation which typically results in end-to-end or enterprise focused approaches. A large percentage of companies either don't need or can't afford these types of solutions. We do work end-to-end, but don't believe in "one size fits all" and find that "enterprise" approaches simply aren't for everyone (even if they are an enterprise). Our approach is more tactical, consultative, and tailored toward the end goal of meeting your strategic or enterprise needs.

How much does your consulting and services cost?

Our pricing reflects our core tenets; granular and fair with the goal of providing transparency and value for our clients. We are very competitive and will work with you on an engagement plan, granular pricing model, and statement of work tailored for your needs and business. If we can't help you directly, we will provide guidance with referrals or brokering into our network of partners.

Who are your clients and can you provide references?

As a private company with discretion and confidentiality at its core, Cylidify keeps employee and client data controlled and confidential. We have general references that we can provide across the experiences of our founders and principals, as well as some references that we can share directly, but only with the explicit permission of those clients. We are broad and deep in cybersecurity and privacy, and growing. We prefer to let our interactions speak for themselves providing time and cost bound initial engagements which demonstrate our capabilities while providing you with real and immediate value. Contact us — we are available and ready to assist!

What are your terms and policies?

Confidentiality and discretion are core to Cylidify and this is reflected in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies which can be found HERE

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