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Careers in Cybersecurity and @Cylidify

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Hiring and retention is one of the highest priorities at Cylidify - for us and our clients. This post will focus on our career opportunities, but we also help clients find, hire, and retain cyber talent. This comes with the caveat that this is very difficult for most businesses - typically their focus and investments go to capabilities core to their business that contribute measurably to the bottom line (stay tuned for a future post on "Cybersecurity ROI"). We feel strongly that a contingent, or externally augmented, cybersecurity workforce is a must for most businesses - Cylidify is here to help! For additional reference, Focal Point has done a very good job in their Essential Guide to Cyber Workforce Development post.

As a Cylidify team member, you will receive internal training as well as encouragement and sponsorship for your professional development - conferences, certifications or continuing education. You will opportunities to contribute to blog posts, speak at conferences, and interact deeply with the cybersecurity community and our clients. We are rooted by our core tenets and we collaboratively build upon these in our day-to-day work. We are a small, but growing company providing every team member with a stake in the business and profit sharing. Cylidify is agile and adaptive and always looking for individuals to help shape and grow our business.

We are hiring for contributor and program/product manager roles across our offerings. If you are a principal who wants to lead or develop an offering, or focus on a specific business type or region, we have those opportunities also. Start a discussion with Cylidify Careers or get in touch via LinkedIn!

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