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Cybersecurity and IT Consulting and Services

Tailored for you, "One size does not fit all"  

Cylidify provides consulting, services, and referrals or brokering to meet any cybersecurity and privacy needs. Each Cylidify engagement is tailored to your business and market, but aligned to a standard or recognized framework such as NIST’s Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. Our founders and principals have many years of technical and leadership experience gained while working in Fortune 100 companies and regulated markets like healthcare. Our goal is to make cybersecurity and privacy broadly accessible and fairly priced, providing enterprise capabilities "right sized" for small to medium sized businesses. Cylidify offers a breadth of services depth in verticals like remote working, public cloud, R&D (applications and services), and healthcare.

Cybersecurity and privacy implemented and tested

Cylidify can help implement IT and business systems to deliver the capabilities you need with a focus on security, privacy, and overall resiliency. From vertical line-of-business to "office" solutions from Microsoft 365 Business or Google Workspace, we can meet the needs of any business or market vertical. We offer services and guidance via a mix of direct resourcing, brokering, and referrals. 

All interactions are kept strictly confidential. Our pledge is to listen and understand before offering guidance or solutions. We understand that security and privacy approaches must support rather than limit a business. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific scenarios and requirements.

Approach and Methodology

At Cylidify, we are direct and candid, but always constructive and non-judgmental. We tell you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear, while maintaining discretion and confidentiality. Our approach is to develop a deep, shared understanding of the risks and issues, then work with you on planning and tailored remediation or mitigation. We are technical, but agile and adept at balancing across the capability, risk, privacy, and legal/compliance aspects of your business. Our tendency is to "people and processes" over "tools and platforms", striving for balance while advocating for agility via baked-in versus bolted-on approaches. Whether we engage tactically or strategically, it will always be tailored and value focused.   

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