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Much Ado About Cybersecurity!

Cybersecurity is pervasive in our daily lives and something all technology businesses should have in their "top 5" priorities. The threat landscape has seen significant changes over the last few years and continues to be "agile". Security and privacy are relevant topics in government, social media, and virtually all aspects of business and technology.

As long as there is motive, means, and opportunity, cyber attacks and crime will continue. It is a continuing "game" of cat-and-mouse requiring businesses and individuals to match the pace and agility of hackers and attacks while continuing to use and extend the targeted technology and capabilities. However, you are not alone in these efforts - your employees, business partners (even competitors should collaborate on cybersecurity), clients, regulators, and law enforcement form a a support community. However, connecting into that community isn't always straight forward and the overall cybersecurity responsibility and any investments are yours to own and drive. Cylidify was founded to be your expert partner in this journey to establish or improve your security posture and get you connected within community to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover your business and technology assets.

See "Why Cylidify?" for details on our culture, tenets, and capabilities.

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