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Pause then Play, Repeat as Necessary

Cylidify is here to help as you cycle between Pause and Play for your business and adjust to the new "normal" that is being defined. (Fast-forward and Rewind will be required too.) We are committed to not contributing to the noise of the global pandemic and being very focused and tactical in our engagements and communications so, this post will be brief...

Our recommendations:

  • Read our posts "Break Glass - In Case of Emergency" for best practices on agile handling of security and privacy during a crisis and "The Virtual Office and Remote Working" for tips and tricks on making the best of a situation which will be part of the new normal.

  • As you are forced to adjust the priorities of security and privacy (this was already a struggle), make sure you are being transparent on the risks and track all decisions/changes so they can be addressed in the longer term — either solidified and made permanent, or undone closing any exploitable gaps.

  • Work high speed and low drag through the transitions taking the time needed to properly pause/shelve projects so they can be restarted more easily later. Be mindful of any new gaps since attackers are opportunistic and already proficient at "remote working".

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a baseline assessment for any aspect of your business.

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