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Allscripts Developer Program (ADP)

Initial consultations are always free, but Cylidify is offering a free baseline assessment to help you get a "running start" in 2020! This covers the business and technical aspects necessary to complete a healthcare security questionnaire for your application or solution (see details). Real value with no hidden costs! Contact us today to take advantage of this is limited time opportunity!

2019 Summit - Cleveland, Ohio

Attacks and breaches continue to rise in both frequency and costs  HIPAA penalties are real and expensive. These facts along with increased client awareness has moved cybersecurity and privacy up the priority stack for healthcare organizations.


At the 2019 Allscripts’ Developer Summit we met with and provided guidance to numerous healthcare technology professionals on cybersecurity and privacy. There were several requests at this event for a copy of our presentation made on Cybersecurity in Healthcare (see link below). 

So, we have the awareness and priority, but what do we do now?


We recommend due diligence and assessments to gather information and establish a baseline. A Cylidify technology assessment with R&D (application) add-on delivers a confidential report surfacing risks and providing the details your business needs to answer basic security and privacy questionnaires from partners or clients including Allscripts ADP.  Report includes guidance on solution integrations directly or via API’s (e.g. FHIR). In addition to conducting the assessment, Cylidify can assist with follow-ups such as external Q&A or remediation and corrective action plans.

If your organization needs training, we have options to cover best practices or certification requirements for HIPAA, PHI Handling, R&D, or general security and privacy (Phishing, removable storage, incident reporting, etc.).


Don’t wait and be reactive, let’s be proactive to identify and reduce your risks and liabilities. Contact Cylidify for more information or to schedule a consultation.

View or download the healthcare presentation:

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